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I save money for peace of mind

I save money by exercising and eating healthy

Here are the ways that I save money – in no particular order. I save money by cutting down on expensive items at the grocery store. I used to think that I should eat extravagantly well every day, but I now realize that I can appreciate eating well sometimes and just eat normally on an everyday basis. Fruit is a really good snack, and veggies too. I have also learned to cut down on unnecessary travel by exploring my neighborhood. It turns out that, along with Internet buying, I can find most items I need locally. It surprised me that there was a supermarket around the corner in the direction opposite the way I go to work. I discovered that by taking a walk on a Saturday afternoon! That brings me to my next point on how to stack more cash in my bank account: exercise. Since I have started exercising more at my fitness club, my quality of life has greatly improved and my social life has expanded. At the same time, I eat out less and spend less time at bars, which are very expensive. So, I guess that all the ways I save money have to with appreciating life a little more than I did.