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My New Year Resolution

I have been blogging for almost a year now and have also been trying to change some of my habits. However the real habits did not change. I was still smoking and drinking real hard. So I decided to have some real New Year resolutions, practise them and then blog about it. So, here I am after implementing for a month and what results it gave me will astound you all.

Stop Drinking

Resolution 1 : Stop Drinking – This was not easy as most of my friends did not stop drinking and sometimes I felt bad. But my resolve was strong, and tell you what I saved almost 1000 Pounds when I did the accounting by not drinking. That is serious money is it not? I will keep with this resolution as it also makes me feel healthy.

no smoking


Resolution 2 : No Smoking – This was a killer. My god I never knew how bad it feels as the body has become habitual to the nicotine. It was hard and to be truthful I am not still over it. But I have reduced to a single cigarette per day. This saved me around 300 Pounds on cigarettes.


Using Public Transport saves money

Resolution 3 : Use public transport – This I have been diligently following since January 1. In spite of it being painful sometimes, I make it a point to take the bus rather than a taxi. You know how much I saved on transportation? Well it was 500 Pounds.Raking in the money I saved I realised how much I spent on unhealthy habits. The smoking is still to go, but there is hope. The light at the end of the tunnel.


Looking Forward to Christmas This Year.

Its getting to look a lot like Christmas, sorry I could not resist….now I know  Johnny Mathis is singing about snow and holly etc etc but my home is looking very Christmassy this year onwards and upwards in this house for Christmas!  Last years Christmas was much better than the previous year with all the debt and so forth; findings Nan’s diary helped considerably in achieving the good time we all had.

I have been reflecting on my posts and seen that considering what we have been through we are coming out of it ok. Alright we are not wealthy by any means but we are achieving a lot of our own goals. This year has again seen me use Park Hampers – their arrival is what initiated the song. I also had enough to save for some shopping vouchers but saving them for the january sales – we all need some new winter things. Being an agent also means I have a little extra in the way of commission, so will be able to go out for a few drinks with friends this year.  Presents well I have been buying throughout the year, keeping my eye on the sales and watching out for online offers on some the websites I go on. is really useful, helped me get a couple of really cheap theatre tickets for my mum and dad for Christmas – well worth joining these sites just to keep in loop about prices. The girls and I also bought some nice jars from car boots and fetes and we again made out jams and also truffles ( very nice they are to)  to give for Christmas.

I have had to borrow some money as the car packed up but asked around and looked online and decided to go with Simple application and no nonsense approach plus it fit well into my budget. Mind you the extra hours at work made it all possible.