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Lots of ways to Beat Inflation with Young Kids

I’m always looking for ways to provide well for the future for my 2 young daughters. As I’ve mentioned already,  the girls father just upped and left a while back so I’m always taking advice on plans that will satisfy our need for the future. I know people who study supermarket brochures and then drive to the one with the cheapest deals . These days its so easy to use comparison sites to find the cheapest supermarket prices. I find pretty useful for comparing prices from shops like Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose as well as others.

saving money in hard economic times

Another thing I’ve done is join Netmums, an online parenting organisation that offers fantastic information to mothers and offers local support and advice. One of these is where to find free and fun activities to do with your kids. There is also another site called VisitBritan where you can pick up wonderful ideas for cheap days out as well as  free activities for cheap outings and holidays. You’ll be able to investigate affordable theatre tickets as well as cheap restaurants to eat at when you’re on a budget. By doing some research, if you’re in my position, don’t stress as there are lots of ways to ensure as parents battling to make ends meet, your kids, like my girls, can enjoy all the fun things kids should enjoy.


6 Amazing ways to earn fast cash

Earning fast cash

Funds you have are not enough? If you want some extra cash there are many ways to earn it.The ways may sometimes sound unethical, but are effective.

  • Sell hair – Have a great crop of hair. You can sell hair for a fortune. There is no harm in selling hair. It will grow back on. It can be a regular supply of money. Only you have to take extra care of you hair. Isn’t this a nice way to earn quick cash.
  • Baby sitting – Do you love kids and can manage them well. There is a way to earn extra from this talent. You can offer this service to your neighbours and friends on weekends to earn the extra buck.
  • Collect the change – The small notes and coins go unnoticed. Collect them and you will find that they are worth very much at the end of the month.
  • Sell stuff you do not use – There are many options to sell old stuff you do not use anymore. You can put an online advertisement for free and get more money than selling it in the open market. Great is it not.
  • Sell scrap – All the scrap lying in your yard might be worth selling. Visit the local recycling centre for the knowledge what you can sell there. The beer cans, glass jam jars and fruit cans are all worth something.
  • Find online work – You can earn a bit online too. There are many ways to earn online. You can read and learn how to do it here.