My New Year Resolution

I have been blogging for almost a year now and have also been trying to change some of my habits. However the real habits did not change. I was still smoking and drinking real hard. So I decided to have some real New Year resolutions, practise them and then blog about it. So, here I am after implementing for a month and what results it gave me will astound you all.

Stop Drinking

Resolution 1 : Stop Drinking – This was not easy as most of my friends did not stop drinking and sometimes I felt bad. But my resolve was strong, and tell you what I saved almost 1000 Pounds when I did the accounting by not drinking. That is serious money is it not? I will keep with this resolution as it also makes me feel healthy.

no smoking


Resolution 2 : No Smoking – This was a killer. My god I never knew how bad it feels as the body has become habitual to the nicotine. It was hard and to be truthful I am not still over it. But I have reduced to a single cigarette per day. This saved me around 300 Pounds on cigarettes.


Using Public Transport saves money

Resolution 3 : Use public transport – This I have been diligently following since January 1. In spite of it being painful sometimes, I make it a point to take the bus rather than a taxi. You know how much I saved on transportation? Well it was 500 Pounds.Raking in the money I saved I realised how much I spent on unhealthy habits. The smoking is still to go, but there is hope. The light at the end of the tunnel.


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